Secrets of Inner Game

Secrets of Inner Game

Not many people know this, but the true path to hypnosis mastery does NOT involve you learning another technique, language pattern, script, induction or process.

Secrets of Inner Game

The true path to effortless mastery of all forms of hypnosis, comes from mastering your inner game.

Secrets of Inner Game Review - When you master your core inner game, then everything just happens automatically. Rather than you having to think about every word, script your sentences and memorize language patterns, you will naturally adopt the behaviours, postures, tonality and style of a master hypnotist!

Sound impossible? Too good to be true? Let me explain. Most of what modern hypnotherapists and stage hypnotists teach, and especially most of what you'll learn through fields like covert and conversational hypnosis has evolved or come about due to the NLP revolution.

When Richard Bandler and John Grinder set about trying to bring hypnosis into the modern age, they began by modelling people who were naturally master hypnotists. There are people like Milton Erickson, Virginiar Satir, Gregory Bateson, who, through practice, training and talent, now naturally hypnotized others through their words, tonalities and stories.

Bandler and Grinder broke down their skills in a collection of techniques. The techniques of NLP include things like the squash pattern, the swish pattern, anchoring, the milton model, the meta model, and suchlike.

They thought (not illogically) that if you break down the actions and motions of successful people, you'd be able to replicate their success.

Although there is a lot of merit to this idea, in my experience of teaching thousands of people these skills over several years, many people find that they don't get the results they seek.

Why? Because techniques are surface level.

To really hypnotize people as quickly and effortlessly as the masters, you need to master your core inner game!

How do you do this? The first step is realizing that your goals and your focus should be internally focused, not externally focused. So, rather than thinking "I want to hypnotize people with only words, and master instant hypnosis inductions" - think "I want to master my inner game so that I become naturally hypnotic, and can easily and effortlessly influence the people I meet."

Make this simple mental shift, and the progress you make towards mastery will be huge!

But, I don't want you just to be another hypnotist struggling to make these skills really work in the real world.

I want you to become the next master - able to easily and effortlessly hypnotize anyone you meet!

And, I want to help you do it free.

Secrets of Inner Game

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